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ungetRepositorySCM() - Method in class org.enterprisedomain.classmaker.impl.SCMOperatorImpl
ungetRepositorySCM() - Method in class org.enterprisedomain.classmaker.scm.GitSCMOperator
ungetRepositorySCM() - Method in interface org.enterprisedomain.classmaker.SCMOperator
unregisterProject(Project) - Method in class org.enterprisedomain.classmaker.impl.WorkspaceImpl
unregisterProject(Project) - Method in interface org.enterprisedomain.classmaker.Workspace
URI - Static variable in interface org.enterprisedomain.classmaker.ClassMakerPackage.Literals
The meta object literal for the 'URI' data type.
URI - Static variable in interface org.enterprisedomain.classmaker.ClassMakerPackage
The meta object id for the 'URI' data type.
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